Jess Macken

Jess Macken



CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Level 1 – AWF Olympic Weightlifting Coach

Cert III & IV – Fitness

Cert III – Sports Coach

About Coach

A mother, a lover, a sister, and a friend. A pro juggler of the family-work-life balancing act. A family of Brazilian-jujitsu practitioners who wield belts of various colors. Lover of good coffee, sunshine, riding motorbikes, and all barbell movements. Trying to love my nemesis 'Cardio' (but mainly it's a love-hate thing). Daily attempts to make the impossible possible.

Turning Point

True story - I used to be a couch potato and was overweight for many of my adult years... That all changed after I had my second child. I admitted to myself that I had never liked how I felt in my skin, nor how I looked in the mirror. I was tired and grumpy and I could no longer deny that fitness didn't matter. I became hell bend on ‘shrinking down in size’ and it worked until I realized I was a hamster on a wheel. Shrinking was not a lifelong answer. Instead, I decided to ‘build myself from the inside out and it become my philosophy in life and in coaching. If we become strong in body, mind, and soul, then we can conquer anything.

Motivation & Passion

I coach to inspire, encourage and help people on their journey toward change so they can live the life they have always wanted. Sounds corny I know - Bring in the cheese!

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