Erica Yap

Erica Yap



CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Kids

Pilates Reformer certification

About Coach

Growing up in Singapore, Erica represented her high school in rowing and dragon boating competitions. The tough training instilled in her the mentality of pushing hard and not giving up.

Turning Point

After having 3 kids, Erica decided she needed a new hobby that would give her some "me time" away from the kids. While she loves her family and kids dearly, it was draining having these young humans being so dependent on her and feeling like she was just a mum. This was when she found CrossFit. The variety of new movements and constantly changing workouts is addictive and she loves the community spirit. She also loves how being stronger and fitter means she can keep up with her kids easily.

Motivation & Passion

Erica truly believes that fitness helps to improve lives both physically and mentally. Being a coach means she can share the life-changing experience that is CrossFit with others. It gives her great satisfaction when she sees members move well and achieve their fitness goals while having fun along the way.

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